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Master Certified in Water & Fire It’s our goal to be there for you every step of the way, so that you come out of a crisis feeling secure, protected, and satisfied. Combining elements of education, knowledge, experience, and the desire to treat every client as we ourselves would want to be treated made such sense to us that we used those paths as a critical foundation when setting Water Damage Restoration � West Hills CA 91307 out to build our business. The word “Disaster” to us, means anything that upends or changes the daily routine of yourself, your family, home, or business. We’ve taken an industry that hasn’t changed in more than twenty years and added an element to it that many franchise companies lack. It’s a personal touch. The simple desire to do what is right. Approach every client with common courtesy. Use our West Hills CA 91307 experience and be transparent. It’s possible your facing a disaster yourself right now, don’t let choosing the wrong contractor to add to that. We are the experts in Water Damage Cleanup and Fire Damage Restoration. There is no loss too large! Flood & Water Damage Repairs If you’ve experienced water damage due to a storm, flood, burst pipe or overflow, it’s important to act quickly to avoid mold, contamination Water & Flood Damage Cleanup - Paul Davis Restoration West Hills CA 91307 and further damage. Our emergency response services include water damage assessment, water extraction, structural drying, sewer backup, and burst pipe repair. No obligation estimates. Fire Damage Repair & Reconstruction If your home has suffered fire damage, we can provide you with a complete rebuild to get you back in your home or business faster. Our services include securing the site, complete inspection and Xactimate estimating, structural damage reconstruction, soot West Hills CA 91307 removal, window & door board up & secure, odor removal, and contents cleanup & storage. Mold Inspection & Remediation If you need Mold Removal or Remediation from biohazards, our IICRC Master Certified team offers industry-leading protection against mold, virus, bacteria and airborne pathogen threats. A thorough mold inspection can keep your home & business safe, and our remediation service can help in the event that you find a bacteria West Hills CA 91307 or mold issue. You Get Back to Your Life. It’s our goal to be there for you every step of the way, so that you come out of a crisis feeling secure, protected, and satisfied. Water damage can and will come in many forms, from severe weather, undiscovered or sudden water leaks, a burst pipe, or sewer backup. Left unattended, untreated, or hidden for an extended period often leads West Hills CA 91307 to secondary moisture and mold damages inside your home or business. Our trained and IICRC certified experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any emergency water damage repair and water restoration service, minimizing the possibility of secondary damages by utilizing cutting edge technology along with state-of-the-art equipment to dry out and remove excess water and moisture. Put the latest in technology to use with West Hills CA 91307 the IICRC Master water damage certification of ECO Disaster Services, LLC Expert Inspection & Published loss summaries. Dry Track® Moisture Documentation. Determine any drying equipment needs and document those needs. Monitor temperature and relative humidity of affected areas. Determine the proper GD (grain depression) for ongoing and effective drying of the structure. Online image repository, thoroughly documenting your claim. Journal & summary information posted in real-time. If you are West Hills CA 91307 currently or have experienced damages to your home or business in the past and have not received this information, you need to inquire about it immediately. At a minimum, an insurance claim will require documentation and follow up. At most, you need substantial proof that the water damage services performed were done to published standards and done effectively. Tools of the Trade – See why certification makes a difference West Hills CA 91307 in water damage cleanup. Sudden water breaks, sump pump backups, toilet overflows and the like often affect building materials in a matter of seconds. Unlike standing water, building materials absorb moisture resulting in damage that is often hard to detect with the naked eye. Moisture Meters: Invasive and non-invasive moisture meters are used to detect pockets of moisture that are imperative to identify and document. In follow up moisture West Hills CA 91307 monitoring, these tools are used to track the success or failure of a drying plan. Often, leading to the identification of areas that may need additional attention during the restoration process. Infrared Cameras: In some cases, determining hidden moisture damage is time-consuming or ineffective with moisture meters alone. Infrared, or as they are often referred to, thermal cameras are used to quickly identifying moisture and water damage throughout an West Hills CA 91307 affected area. Images taken by the camera allow technicians to review the area during follow-up moisture monitoring quickly. Extraction Equipment: One of the biggest changes to our industry within the last decade has been the advent of “Top Down Drying.” A method created using weighted extraction equipment, allowing the carpet and often the carpet pad to be salvaged during the restoration of a clean water loss. In doing so, West Hills CA 91307 specialized weighted equipment is used to remove not only the excess water that you can see but the water that has seeped into the backing of the carpet and carpet padding as well. Time and category of the loss greatly determine the success or use of this method, the faster the response, the more likely many and most of the building materials can be salvaged. Truck mount high-powered vacuums, West Hills CA 91307 flood equipped portable extraction units and sump pumps are all tools that are available, depending on the size, location, and type of water that has affected your home or business. In extreme flooding cases, we have extraction units are capable of removing over 750 gallons of water per minute. Dehumidifiers: From LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) to Desiccant; dehumidifiers come in all sizes and play a vital role in any West Hills CA 91307 drying plan. With proper use, dehumidifiers control relative humidity, remove excess moisture from the air, reduce the grains of moisture per pound. Assists in reducing the overall humidity to lessen the possibility of mold growth. Air Movers: Air movers and related equipment help to restore water damaged materials by allowing high volumes of air, calculated by CFM (cubic foot per minute) to move along the affected areas, to cause West Hills CA 91307 a wicking effect of moisture to the surface, allowing efficient drying with evaporation. Ideal environments wherein dehumidifiers and air movers work are often within containment’s, erected within the building space to reduce the amount of needed equipment to focus only on the affected areas. Indentifying the Source & Category of Water From ice damming in the winter months, to a sump pump backup during the rainy seasons, there are West Hills CA 91307 many ways water can damage your home or business and change the daily routine of your family or employees until its resolved. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which sets the standards for the water damage restoration training, there are several different levels and classes involved when assessing water damage. Per the IICRC’s S-500 standards, there are three categories describing the type of water West Hills CA 91307 involved. Category 1. Referred to as “Clean water.” Water was resulting from a clean and sanitary source, such as faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, etc. Time and contact with building contaminants can quickly degrade a category one water loss to category two and beyond. Category 2. Often referred to as “gray water,” Described as having some level of contaminants that can or may cause illness or discomfort if ingested. West Hills CA 91307 Examples include dishwasher or washing machine overflows, backup from sink drains, and toilet overflow with some urine but not feces. As with category one, time and contact can further degrade the definition to a category three. Category 3. Often referred to as “Black Water.” Category three is the worst classification and is grossly unsanitary. Potentially causing severe illness or death if ingested. Sources include sewer backup, flooding from rivers West Hills CA 91307 or streams, toilet overflow with feces, and stagnant liquid that has begun to support bacterial and microbial growth. Further Classification of a water loss Class 1. Defined a being the lowest and easiest to deal with, this has a slow evaporation rate. Damage to only part of a room or area that was affected, there is little or no wet carpet, and the moisture has only affected materials with West Hills CA 91307 a low permeance rate, such as plywood or concrete. Class 2. Defined as having a fast evaporation rate, this level affects an entire room, carpeting, or carpet padding, the moisture has wicked up the walls at least 12”, and there is water remaining in structural materials. Class 3. Defined as having the fastest evaporation rate, and ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet, carpet padding, and sub-floors are all saturated. Class 4. West Hills CA 91307 Defined as specialty drying situations, which means there has been enough liquid and time to soak materials with very low permeance, such as hardwood, brick, or stone.   What this all means to you? A flooded home or business can be a stressful time for you and your family or employees. In a commercial setting, downtime means business potentially lost. Fortunately, we have local certified experts that have spent West Hills CA 91307 much of their entire profession helping others like you get back to normal as quickly and professionally as possible. Our goal is straightforward, return your home or business as close to its original condition as we can, be environmentally sound, and make the cleanup as pain-free as possible. If you are in the Columbus area and your residence or business is flooded, we’re here to assist 24/7. We are West Hills CA 91307 a female-owned, environmentally-friendly business that understands our client’s needs in a time of crisis. Our professional staff will walk you through every step of getting your life back to normal because our goal is to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied and always get the excellent service you deserve from a water damage contractor. Our customers are not a number; we believe they are people that are faced with West Hills CA 91307 water and flood damage and should have one less thing to worry about. This is why we offer complete water damage cleanup and flood damage restoration bringing your life and your property back to normal. Working Hard to Surpass Every Expectation. ECO Disaster Services, LLC provides emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to residential and commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio and the entire Central Ohio West Hills CA 91307 area. Regardless of the source of the loss – fire, water, or mold – Our certified recovery team is equipped with the latest in water damage techniques and education to provide hands-on expertise ensuring the most efficient, the fastest path back to normal. We have the capability and availability to respond to any disaster at any time and are prepared to commence restoration services immediately. As a preferred contractor, West Hills CA 91307 we work with all major insurance companies and provide all the essential documentation that is required to file an insurance claim. All services are guaranteed for your satisfaction. You Get Back to Your Life. It’s our goal to be there for you every step of the way, so that you come out of a crisis feeling secure, protected, and satisfied. Being one of the most devastating events to happen West Hills CA 91307 to a home or business owner; the fire itself damages personal property, the structure, and your daily life. In dealing with the multiple issues surrounding a fire, you need a certified expert in water, smoke, and odor as well. When all these elements combine, the results can become overwhelming. Being Master Certified by the IICRC is one thing we are passionate about; being caring individuals that have restored thousands West Hills CA 91307 of properties is another. In servicing the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas for more than the last twenty years, we can say we’ve seen the effect that a fire can have on your home or business and your daily lives. Once the fire is out, it’s important to have an emergency service contractor skilled in the multiple facets of the restoration techniques that will undoubtedly be needed. Offering 24-hour West Hills CA 91307 board up and security, from the onset the expertly certified technicians of ECO Disaster Services, LLC will begin to ensure that your property is on the path to a successful cleanup and restoration. Smoke damage repair for home and business When a fire breaks out, most assume that the burning of the structure is the primary source of loss. But that is always true, as flames and heat cause West Hills CA 91307 structural damages to affected areas, one of the biggest contributors during a fire is smoke and the residual effects of smoke. Smoke can affect contents and porous items throughout your home or business, penetrating into materials causing discoloration and odors, and leave behind an acidic residue buildup. In a fire, there can be many forms and types of smoke that can be created causing further damage. Below is a West Hills CA 91307 list of common smoke residue types that are often created when certain items burn. Wet Smoke: This kind of smoke is often set up in a slow, low-temperature fire. Often referred to as “wet smoke” because it can create a thick, sticky film of residue that can build up on surfaces causing subsequent damage and emitting heavy smoke odors. This type of smoke buildup is also the most difficult West Hills CA 91307 to clean, remove, and deodorize from belongings and structures. Dry Smoke: When a fire reaches a high temperature, “dry smoke” is often created. Dry smoke has a fine, powdery-like consistency and due to this form, it can easily be cleaned from strong, non-porous surfaces. Particularly alarming about dry smoke is when the powdery-like substance is hidden or becomes trapped in cracks or porous surfaces, such as clothing and upholstered West Hills CA 91307 contents, where it can emit musky smoke odors and become difficult to remove. Protein Smoke: When food or organic materials burn, often creating a smoke by-product known as “protein smoke.” This type of smoke can produce soot that is hard to see visibly, but easy to feel. It’s generally light to clear in color, and can permanently discolor wood surfaces, and the odors it emits can be a bit West Hills CA 91307 overwhelming. Petroleum Smoke: When oils or oil-based substances burn, petroleum smoke is produced. This type of smoke is dark in appearances and will often discolor and stain any porous material it touches. Fortunately, due to it being oil-based, this kind of smoke may be able to be cleaned with a degreasing agent. Smoke and the resulting odor can affect clothing and porous materials or contents even when furthest from West Hills CA 91307 the source of the fire. These materials need expert quick inspection and restoration using specialized and proven techniques to salvage these items. Air filtering devices, equipped with carbon filtration, ozone machines, and hydroxyl units are just a few of the pieces of the technology advances used in combating and assisting in the complete odor removal in your residential or commercial property. In addressing the water used during the fire West Hills CA 91307 department response, each has to be approached as a category three or grossly contaminated due to the many contaminants involved with soot and the by-products of burning building materials. If it is safe to do so, removal of water damaged carpet and carpet padding should be performed immediately and drying equipment setup to start the process of salvaging any remaining building materials. Keep in mind that any area that West Hills CA 91307 is a direct origin or that could be detrimental to determining the cause of loss must remain untouched until cleared by the investigations units of both the local fire department and your insurance carrier. As a rule of thumb, this should always include any fire-damaged debris removed from the residence or commercial property during the fire department response. Our Services Include: You Get Back to Your Life. It’s our West Hills CA 91307 goal to be there for you every step of the way, so that you come out of a crisis feeling secure, protected, and satisfied. The IICRC describes the certification for mold inspection and remediation AMRT meaning Advanced Microbial Remediation. A high level certification using advanced hands on methods in identifying potential mold issues and the remediation of them. Molds, in themselves can cause ravaging allergy issues for yourself and West Hills CA 91307 your family. Mold spores can be found in your ventilation systems, porous contents, and anywhere damp conditions exist. Remediation of mold and mold spores doesn’t have to be a scary issue. Do not allow an inspector to test only for “black mold”.. If conditions exist for mold, chances are it’s there. Opt for remediation estimates instead and insist on verification of the cleaning such as the ATP test.

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